Patchcoat Shenandoah Siru

Siru was put down because of cleft palate.

born Dec 31st 2008 - R.I.P. Feb 2nd 2009

Australian shepherd, female, black tricolor, full tail

sire: Gearharts Headliner DNA-cp Rocky

dam: BH North Legends Daydream Unnu

"Oh Shenandoah" is an old North American folk song. The story tells about fur trader fell in love with indian chief's daughter. Shenandoah is iroquese language and means daughter of stars. Siru was born on bright night under northern star sky, when the frost was cracking with first new years firecrackers. Under shining starsky I was waking up with Siru praying, that the sky would take take of his tiny daughter.

When Siru was four and half weeks old and had gained 1 kilo weight, the vet checked Siru and saw that she had a huge cleft palate. She also missed some small bones from her right forter paw. Siru could not be fixed. Her life would have been always full of suffering and difficulties.

Dear tiny Siru came to visit us and flied back for a star on the sky. Sirku tought so much of myself and of life. She was the most lively and fearless of the whole litter. She was not scared eeven for a vacuum cleaner. Her furry head was always first reaching up when she heard my voice. She was happily playing and matching with her siblings. Despite of all difficulties Siru was always happy and I never heard her moaning or complaining about anything.

My sweet fluffy Siru fell asleep forever against my heart. As a goodbye she wagged her tiny tail to me like saying: "Don't cry, everything's fine."

Now daughter of stars is free to run and play among the stars.

Thank you, Siru. You burned your picture into our hearts.

Oh, Shenandoah...

You came straight to my heart, you brought comfort to my sorrow. You were small, but yet so big, you'll always stay in my thoughts.

Sleep well, small dog angel, who tried her wings in the world. Fly back to the world of dogs, where you first came from.

I miss you so much and endlessly, but your happiness is most important. Come to my dreams, come with breeze, come with dawns and sunsets of my life.

- Hanne -

(unknown poet)