PAIM-T Patchcoat Chippewa Papu

Papu 6 months. Photos: Heli Laakso)

born: May 19, 2020, female, red tricolor, full tail

sire: HK3 JK2 TK2 TK1 BH Patchcoat Xcellent Kerbe

dam: FI AVA, FI AVA-H PAIM-T Patchcoat Zepyur Arra

health: hips Excellent (A/A), elbows normal (0/0), full bite, healthy spine (LTV0, VA0)

eyes: clear (8/2020), HSF4 normal (by parentage)

activities: obedience, agility, search & rescue


breeder: Wilhelmiina Virolainen, kennel Patchcoat

owner: Satu Kouki and Wilhelmiina Virolainen

Papu's pedigree

Papu in Australian Shepherds of Finland Database

Papu in Finnish Kennel Club Database