Latest News 2021

Oct 23 Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) & Hilkka got a result 79 points (/100) in rally-obedience highest class! Congrats!

Oct 23 Lily (Patchcoat Dulcina, 5 months) at her first puppy show. Good evaluation, congrats!

Oct 23 Our fabulous Z-litter 5 years! Happy birthday!

Oct 17 Viiru (Patchcoat Viviane) & Satu participating to Finnish Championships of rally obedience as a member of their local club's (JoA) team. They got a third qualified result with 78 points in winners' class and title RTK3! Congratulations!

Oct 16 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) & Sini are the agility champions 2021 of their local club! They made two clear courses in agility and jumpers highest class and were placed second! Congratulations!

Oct 14 Dino (Patchcoat Donovan) had his eyes checked: clear and bright eyes!

Oct 8 Lina (Patchcoat Ustinya) was put to sleep. She had injured seriously about as a puppy and now the leg just did not carry anymore. Our warmest consolatons to whole family and thank you for giving the best loving home and care to Lina. So sorry for your loss.

Oct 2 Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) & Hanna got 3rd place in agility highest class! Congrats!

Sep 30 Helmeri (Patchcoat Dylan) had an eyecheck: clear and bright eyes!

Sep 29 Papu's spine is also clean and normal (LTV & VA)!

Sep 27 Papu (Patchcoat Chippewa) has A/A hips (Excellent) and normal elbows. Congrats to Satu and all the best to your activities!

Sep 25 We have a new champion! Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) & Sini made it after a long break! Huge congratulations!

Sep 25 Hali (Patchcoat Udane) & Hanna got 87 points and 3rd place in rally-obedience winners' class! Congratulations!

Sep 24 Papu (Patchcoat Chippewa) was already x-rayed: looking healthy, maybe still little loose on hips. Waiting for official statements from FKC.

Sep 19 Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) and Hanna made a clear run in agility highest class and were placed second! Congrats!

Sep 11 Viiru (Patchcoat Viviane) and Satu are masters of Aussies' championships in rally-obedience winners class! On second race they got second place! Wow! Congratulations!

Sep 11 Hali (Patchcoat Udane) and Hanna in rally-obedience winners class 3rd place with 85 points! Congrats!

Sep 5 Hilla (Patchcoat Billie) and Tanja got great points 94/100 in their first rally-obedience race! Redi (Patchcoat Zareh) and Sanna won winners class obedience! Congratulatons!

Aug 31 Tiltu (Patchcoat Diamond) had her eyes checked: clear and bright like stars!

Aug 28 Sire of our A-litter, Vekki (Ardiente Don Perro) & Melissa won bronze in agility Finnish Championships and gold in team champs! Congratulations!

Aug 24 Luna (Patchcoat Dakota) had her eyes checked: clear and bright!

Aug 22 Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) and Hanna made a clear run and were placed 3rd in Agility Jumpers highest class! Congrats!

Aug 21 Simo (Patchcoat Ahmik) was mental tested ny Finnish mental test. +88 points, not used to gunshots. Thanks to Mervi for testing Simo!

Aug 18 Simo (Patchcoat Xfactor) had his eyes checked. Still clear and bright!

Aug 16 Tara (Patchcoat Dameka) had her eyes checked. Clear and bright!